What Are Reasons Behind Backwardness of Muslims in India?

Muslims around the world are suffering from one problem or another. In India alone, the number of Muslims is about 17 crore and unfortunately, most of them are poor and uneducated. I have listed some of the reasons behind their backwardness in India, so go through it.

Mughal version of Islam- In my opinion, people who had converted to Islam under influence of Mughal empire also inherited extravagant lifestyle of Mughal kings. Mughal kings led lavish lifestyle and spread misconceptions about Islam.

Govt’s apathy towards Muslims- Government of India does not pay attention to issues of Muslims. One can see with one’s eye that Muslims are extremely poor in India. Besides being poor, Muslims are educationally backward that further add to problems of Muslims. Govt hasn’t taken much interest in welfare of Muslims as Muslims have always been just vote bank for them.

Ulemas- There is a great deal of disagreement over various issues concerning Muslims in Ulemas (Religious Leaders) especially relating to Education. Initially Ulemas did not approve western Education due to fear of cultural invasion. And now they have changed their opinion regarding it. This kind of sudden change in opinion cause great deal of confusion amongst Muslims.

Lack of initiatives from general Muslims- There are very few bodies that are working for Muslims. Unfortunately, there have been many cases of fraud in Zakat (Alms) and wakf board’s money. General public don’t raise much voice against these issues due to various reasons like lack of unity, Awareness etc.

Extreme poverty- Not every Muslim is Shah Rukh Khan or Azim premji. Most Muslims are still living in extreme poverty. They don’t have access to proper living facilities and their standard of living is still very poor as compared to non Muslims. One can find Muslims areas dirty and unhygienic as far as cleanliness is concerned throughout India.

Lack of Education- There are handful of schools and universities for Muslims in India. Lack of initiatives from Government and Muslims can be attributed to this. Furthermore, results of Muslims school is extremely discouraging and disappointing. Most Students don’t even reach to Matric level. There are handful of Educated Muslims in every city who can represent Muslims.

Lack of innovativeness- We Muslims have not invented new methods to improve our life and living standards. Muslims should have found out New ways of doing things. Muslims still use Mughal era technology for various things.

Unsocial elements in society- It has been seen that unsocial elements in Muslim’s society come to power and exploit Muslims in the name religion and community.

Dishonest politicians- Unlike other communities, Muslims too have dishonest politicians. They don’t work for community and involved in lip service. These politicians don’t even speak in parliament.

Hide bound behavior of Muslims- A substantially large part of Muslim society is highly hide bound. They don’t accept new ideas, new technology and prefer to live in ghettos. They even criticize educated and modern Muslims and link it with insult of Islam.

Lack of Muslim media- There is probably no news channel that serves Muslim community as a whole. There are few channels that are either very financially poor or religious in Nature.

Lack of intellectuals- Due to lack of Education and literacy, there are very few Muslims who can be called intellectuals.

Lack of charitable organisation- Muslims have established very few charitable organisation that work for the community nationally. And they are mainly dependent on charity from Middle east for their activities.

Lack of unity- Muslims are not united as they should be in order to progress and develop. Muslims have divided themselves in the name of sect, region and language. There is a pressing need of unity amongst Muslims to work in a concerted manner.